Welcome to Highland Park Little League!!!

We provide recreational/competitive baseball ages 3-18 in the Highland Park, Oakpark and Union Park neighborhoods.  Players who live within the boundaries of our league are eligible for play in tournaments.  Players who live out of the boundaries but attend any school within the boundaries are also eligible.  Everyone is welcome to play for Highland Park Little League, no one will be turn away.  Players who do not reside within the boundary area or attend school within the area are required to complete a residency exemption waiver.  Parents of players aged 7 and older should provide proof of residencey and/ waivers as needed, along with the Medical Release form, before the first practice. This waiver simply states the player is not playing for another league in the district during the same season.  This does not include non-little league groups.  Any participation in other groups does not affect eligibility. Residency documents will be the same as Des Moines Schools enrollment: Photo ID, utility bill, or lease documents showing name to match ID and address.

Participation in Little League is not dependent on a parent's ability to pay nor a player's race, sex, religion, skill level, etc. If financial assistance is needed, please provide written request and the amount you are able to pay at registration.  We have the lowest fees within the state, but we are willing to make payments arrangements where necessary and reasonable. 

Players are expected to provide a glove, baseball pants, and shoes. Cleats are discouraged in the younger division, metal cleats are not allowed except in the Junior and Senior levels.  HPLL will provide batting helmets, bats and catchers equipments.  However, having your own helmets and bat are allowed they meet LL specifications.  Players who expect to be in the catchers position, may also supply their own regulation equipment if so desired. Uniforms are provided by the league as part of the registration fee. Players are expected to keep the uniform shirt is playing condition throughout the season. We provide 1 shirt per player on the team.  Replacements will be at the expense of parents. Parents and players are expected to abide by all safety regulations and behave in a sportsmanlike manner. 

Volunteers:  Highland Park Little League is a 100% volunteer organization and listed as a non profit organization with the IRS. With currently 12 to 15 board members trying to maintain our facilities, there is a need for more volunteers to help out. We have several specific needs. We will post tasks which need to be completed and schedules on the website.  If you'd like to help with one of the tasks posted, please contact our communications director, Barb Simonton (515-710-1653) or send email to hpll.mail@highlandpark-littleleague.org 

Concession scheduling will be done when all players and teams have been assigned. Schedules will be posted on website and copies to be distributed to teams via coaches.  Questions can be directed to concession@highlandpark-littleleague.org.   

If you would like to register  please send an email to hpll.mail@highlandpark-littleleague.org or registrations@highlandpark-littleleague.org.

Highland Park Little League Board