Sunshine for 2 WHOLE days -- Fields should be dry to play!!!! See you all there - WHOOHOO! Cool


Ok so it's not really Fall - July 14 to August 13, we want to have 2 divisions with 2 teams in each. Need at least 6 per team - will play on Tuesdays and Thursdays at Highland Park. Please note, you do not have to reside in the Highland Park Little League Boundaries for this session.  So anyone in the area may register!

 $25 - Signup 

Ages 5 through 7 will play "Pee Wee" rules

Ages 8 through 12 will play Minor/Major Rules

Our goal is for the current tee ball players to advance skills and prepare for Pee Wee Division. Pee Wee players that will moving up will get advancement on learning minor division rules like stealing bases and full player pitch.  This will help players who need to work on pitching skills the ability to do so without the extra pressure of interleague play.

Wear your current season uniform shirt (or any shirt is fine - uniforms not required) Sweats or Ball Pants preferred, cleats and helmets optional (we will have helmets to use for play) Bring your gloves, bats if you have them (we will have some available), Cleats for older players if you have them, not necessary for younger players (but don't make a special purchase - they will out grow them!)

Great fun - keeps your player busy - develope discipline - improve their skills

Please let Barb or Brent know your interest - so we can coordinate teams and coaches! or call / text  515 710 1653 or call / text 515 494 7286


2015 Fall Ball Registration